Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She lives

As I like to say, rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated--thank you Mr. Twain. I just got off a long phone call with my primary care. I've had 5 months of hell that I will not even try to document right now. Trust me, hideous. Meanwhile, believe it or not, my thyroid has gone for a dive (my THS is up, in other words). This when I just got off the two nasty nasty meds I was taking for psychological troubles, that I and a few other people aren't sure I really had/have. But I am still taking stuff, to be careful. And because saying, "I'm not crazy," is the first thing any crazy person says. Wait. I may rant about the $1300 bill I had to pay because albuterol gives me such insomnia that I become delusional..nuff said for now.

I've gotten a little hung up on invalid equals invalid. I would love to be validated. Guess I need to go to the flash cinema in Hillcrest.

I can't change the blog name without starting it over as a new blog. Just add an "s" at the end. I went back to work half time after four months on disability. To the many, very nice, curious people, I have said "multiple medical issues". That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

More wrangling over prior authorizations for meds this week. Boring. Waste my time--you're welcome! Next it's a PET scan Wednesday, then I expect another appointment with the surgeon. Then scheduling the next surgery. More boring, in a completely scary way.

I'm not saying this in the spirit of "poor me". I just need to let it out a bit. I may be blogging here a bit more frequently, as venting does help. And she does live.