Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I think a realtor discriminated against me

I've just been told that I will not be given a lease on an apartment. The realtor is the owner's daughter, and claims he made the decision. She owns and/or manages many units in Ocean Beach.

On Thursday, when we viewed the apartment, she told us the application would depend on the credit check. On Saturday, she called and told my husband that our credit check was very good. Then she asked my husband if I was legally disabled. When he told her yes, she said her father was worried he would be required to make modifications. My husband said that modifications would not be necessary. We would make any necessary changes in such a way that they would not effect the apartment, and we would remove them when we left. He tried to describe the removable tub grab bar I use now. She asked if I would sign a waiver. He said he would check with me. He called me and I said yes, I would sign a waiver. He called her back and left a message. She then said she would have to check with their legal department. (I figured any legal department would tell them you can't discriminate!)

On Monday, the realtor called and said her legal department was closed for the holiday. Today, she called and said we weren't getting the apartment. The legal department would take a month to research the case, and she needed to rent the apartment right away. My husband was kind of dumbstruck. He called me. I called her cell and said I wasn't asking for or needing any modifications, and I was willing to sign a waiver. Then I said that California Civil Code prohibits discrimination based on disability. I said I wasn't looking for a lawsuit.

Then she called up my husband screaming that she hadn't discriminated against us because of disability. The other applicants do not have a dog, and offered a two-year lease. Hubby said we were not given that option, but she kept screaming she did not discriminate. (The sign said pets ok, and we took Spot on Thursday, so she could see how small and quiet he is. She said she didn't have a problem with him, and loves dogs.)

So what do you think? I'm pretty upset, but I know that a lawsuit is out of my reach. I wonder if and when I find another perfect apartment, will I be able to get it? It is hard to find them with no steps. That take dogs. With fenced in yards...oh the list is long. I am disappointed, and hurt. It is wrong, and unfair, and illegal. But it's not like we were recording the phone calls. It is not like I have a lawyer on retainer, or that this is the worst case of the year.

Next time, I won't take my cane? Because this is my fault, because I am differently abled. NO, NO, I must blame the realtor and her father. I'm putting this all down here in part to vent, and to keep a record. Beware--there are many people who are not good people.

Originally, I named the realtor's name in this post, but on reflection, I removed it. I did not want a lawsuit. Using the blogosphere did feel good for a little while, but petty revenge is not what I need. So I will move on, and persist in believing that there is justice and what goes around comes around.