Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not no news

No needle biopsy. Almost yeah, but no, it's clearly a lymph node with "activity". So now it joins the roster for surgery on 7-30: behind ear, in front, down neck, shoulder. Whee. I had the MRI Friday. It was the first time one truly bothered me physically. I blame the swollen node affecting my ear. I had vertigo when i when to get up and ever since. Not terrible, but I notice it when I shift levels or turn from side to side. Definitely not shopping weather. After the surgery, three weeks to rest, then radiation. Sort of messes up my plans!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nervous Nellie

My grandmother used to call me that when I was little. I always have been nervous. Kind of funny (peculiar) when you consider that this central nervous disorder endlessly sends my nerves flaring. This week has been hard. I have a severely swollen lymph node just in front of my left ear. I saw the resident subbing for my primary care on Monday. Nothing obvious seemed wrong, so today I am having a needle aspiration and biopsy. Joy.

Meanwhile, I've been having muscle spasms in my jaw and head--muscles Ive never thought about, but ouch. Plus my legs are bad. Lots of little muscle spasms--feet, arms, calves--all kind of separate, but still enough to stumble or awaken. My primary care told me last week that Abilify, the medication I am taking for supposed bi-polar, has a host of effects on the CNS. Her discharge note said to discuss with my psychiatrist if there was change in fatigue or legs. Did I mention fatigue, or my legs? My body feels like it belongs to someone else. I have to stop this. No, I can do it.

Of course, the psychiatrist changed this month. I see the new one next week. Should I start by demanding to get off this medication? No, I have to share my concerns. "How do you do? I don't think I need all these meds?"

Tomorrow, I am scheduled for an MRI. I canceled PT today. I should ride my bike. That so great to do in front of the housekeeper...