Wednesday, January 2, 2008

what is and isn't wrong

OK, I've been feeling like I don't have much to say. This applies across the board--conversation, blogs, twitter. There's been a lot of nothing. I've been wondering if this is the "flat" feeling that my brother told me he had on Paxil. No highs, no lows. Though it feels kid of low. Hubba Hubba upped my Lexapro dose to 30 mgs last week, and told me it wouldn't take effect for about 10 days. It has been seven. I wonder what happens if that doesn't work. Try another medication? Have to titer down off this one first? Just guessing. Then I wonder, maybe I'm not depressed? I always think back to the period at the end of my marriage. I really did feel like a black cloud above my head followed me around. At times, the black cloud came down and closed me off from everything. That was my definition of being depressed.

Crochet is going ok. I have now mastered the half double crochet stitch. Not that I know what I am going to do with it. Soon, I will look at baby blanket patterns, so I can crochet something for Kelly's baby by April. The crochet is calming. I wish I could do it all day.

The Lexapro does seem to be causing some bruising. Not like Coumadin, but almost every injection leaves a small bruise now. I am still religious about rotating the sites. I really don't want to damage the tissue.

I also have some strange bumps on my scalp. They started with one bump around Thanksgiving. Now there are two large bumps and some smaller ones. They are not painful, but itchy. I will have to show them to my primary care at my appointment next week.

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