Thursday, November 20, 2008

Discrimination saga continues

Well, I filed a code of ethics violation with the local association of REALTORS against the evil one who did not rent me an apartment. I didn't want to sue, but I did want to do something. I thought this way she'd get a letter at least, maybe even some education, and a letter would be on file somewhere about her actions against me.

So I went on the web to the association's risk management link, where I found a link to the national REALTORS' code of ethics. There was a local association's grievance form there, too. (An Acrobat .pdf that you could type in--hooray!)

So I filled it out, saying the REALTOR had violated Article 10 (will not discriminate on the basis of...handicap...etc.), telling the story, which I was able to use the blog post above to refresh my memory :D Of course, I had to add dates and name names. Then I signed it, made the husband sign it, and faxed it off. Have I mentioned that buying a fax machine was my best investment of the year? So useful for the disabled! And the abled! And it has paid for itself over paying the local copy shop.

I got a letter from the local association yesterday. They had reviewed my complaint and referred it for a hearing before the Professional Standards Committee. They amended the complaint with two more articles from the code: "REALTORS owe a fiduciary duty to their clients" and "Realtors must provide competent service." We had to sign to agree to the amendments. First, I checked with my wonderful best-friend-who-is-also-a-lawyer. She had some questions, too, so I called the "risk management person at the association and got some clarifications. So we signed it, and I faxed it this morning.

By the way, "violations of the code of ethics ay result in a letter of reprimand, a fine up t $5,000, probation, the requirement of additional ethics courses. or in sever cases, suspension or revoation of membership rights." But first, a hearing...will keep you posted.

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SarahT said...

Go, Lisle! I am so glad you decided to go after that rat-bastard. Am definitely looking forward to hearing about further developments in this saga. Rah-rah-ree! Rah-rah-ras!