Monday, September 3, 2007

out to sea

I went swimming in the ocean yesterday--woo hoo! It was great. Three-four foot waves; moderate undertow. Matt stayed with me the whole time, so it wasn't scary. I did tire out after a little while, but I did get to enjoy floating over the waves feet first. So now I've been in the Pacific twice in the last two years--the first time was two weeks ago, though that was really just a dip. The water has been around 70 degrees, i.e., very warm.

We also saw beautiful sunsets the last two nights. This summer has been kind of lousy for sunsets--too much marine layer--June gloom, but only in the morning and evening. But the last two nights have been the spectacular kind of California light shows.

Even though my left leg is still tangled up or spastic or whatever the right term is, I did better this weekend. I worked Saturday, so it was only a two-day weekend. It was ok, because we are having a heat wave, and our apartment does not have air conditioning. We actually had a thunderstorm at work on Sat.--very unusual for San Diego. The temperatures have been high 80s/low 90s, with high humidity. It is unbearable in California terms. Thank goodness we have ceiling fans.

I did ok up until today. This morning, we chihuahua-proofed the balcony. Between the heat and squatting to nail up some mesh plant netting, neuropathy set up shop in my feet. So I was kind of useless. I did fix a pasta salade nicoise for dinner, between two naps. It was deemed acceptable. Mondays are my night to fix dinner. We'd gone out two nights in a row to avoid heating the kitchen, but two nights was enough of that. Let's hope the heat wave breaks--maybe Hurricane Felix will blow the heat away? It will be good to get back to the AC at work, even if I do have lots to do...more than I can think of now. I will just be happy if my feet and hands stop with the neuropathy.

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