Thursday, August 30, 2007

I want my hands back

Today (now yesterday) was a hard day. I was at library headquarters. I try to cloak as many symptoms as possible there. That passing for normal thing. I don't care so much at the branch because everyone there is kind of family on some level. And the rules of politeness between strangers are in greater play with the public.

Anyway, I used to type 140 wpm for regular word processing input. Ran up to close to 200 for data input. Sometime in the last year, my ability to type with more than two or three fingers at a time started disappearing. A sub worker commented recently. "How'd you get a library degree with only typing hunt and peck." I don't hunt and peck. I know where every key is. I'm probably the fastest two-finger typist I know. Bu let's face it, it ain't pretty.

At the meeting at HQ, when we were all in front of PCs, I was acutely conscious f the the young librarin next to me. Her fingers just flew. Mine stumbled. Because I miss keys a bit, and hae to go back to fix. It seems silly to complain about, but I do mind. I wonder if it will get much worse?

Then there's money. I hate change and do everything I can to avoid it. But part of my job involves a cash register...grr i can't even type this fast enough to finish this. post before the time I set to go to bed!

Another day. Still SOOO tired. Today I had my second pelvic ultrasound in 6 months. Ick. This one was an enormous improvement over the first. The technician was a woman. I'm convinced the internal probe (aka the electric cucumber) was smaller. Or maybe what was wrong has suddenly improved? It was far less painful.

I still wish for a modicum of dexterity back. I don't have to do origami. But not to fumble so endlessly! Pretty please?


katherine said...

I know we have different conditions but the water aerobic class I'm taking has surprisingly improved my typing. Also supporting my arms on the chair arms helps too.

But it's hard when others move differently. I have much envy when the 80+ year olds do better than I do in the pool

And I'm sure you've tried this although it won't help with the cash register, when I'm out, I keep bills in my pocket and don't attempt to deal with my wallet or change.


Hi. I realize that you may not be actively blogging any longer. But I happened across your blog and found this post. You have expressed a sentiment which I also blogged recently. Maybe you can relate.

What are you dreams?