Sunday, July 22, 2007

The lonely patient : how we experience illness []

The lonely patient : how we experience illness []

Yeah, I figured out how to make the BlogThis button for Blogger work again. These small victories keep me going. This book just floated into my libe from the outside world. I haven't started it, but I'm going to give it a looksee.

It being Sunday, this morning I "did the meds." That means arranging eleven pill prescriptions in my 28-compartment pill organizer. There's also four supplements, all doctor suggested. Plus three inhalers, and one injectable medication. (I always try to say that in sepulchral tones.) In the course of filling my compartments, I see if I need any refills. I also fill up the pillbox in my purse where I keep my 3:00 pm pills. There's only two medications I have to take four times a day, thank goodness. Most of the others are once a day. When I had to titre down on Prednisone after I got out of the hospital most recently, I was on four more meds, and they added another two times a day. I had to keep it all down in writing and mark off each time I took a dose--it was so complicated! Imagine doing this with some cognitive deficits. Wait, which of these drugs has that side effect???

I'm supposed to be thankful for these drugs. They make my life doable, and so much better than it would be. I shouldn't feel like a prisoner, a junkie, an addict.

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