Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A very wiggley line

Notes for Thursday neuro visit

I don't know what to ask that woman. She "doesn't deal with symptoms." I do nothing but deal with symptoms. And try to find the line between normal and MS. As noted, a very wiggley line

Symptons today:

Lots of fatigue--falling asleep, wanting to lay down

Week in the knees--literally sinking. Seems to be getting worse

On-going stomach problems since 5/1/07--repeated diarrhea, loose bowels, frequent episodes--every few days. Some fecal urgency.

Awaiting appointment with new internist--young doctor recommended follow up in 2 weeks. 6 weeks to get appointment. Non-neuro doctors seem to always wonder if problems are from MS. I don't know how I'm supposed to know. Except to wait, and see if it gets worse.

Lots of spasms and cramps in the right foot. Still some soreness in the area of the wound from February, but actually, I am never telling a doctor that! I just barely escaped the scalpel.

Bruised ribs in fall on 5/27. Set off neuralgia, the tightness around the diaphragm and pain in mid-back.

Back aches a lot. Neck is stiff, mid-back is all pins and needles and ouch, sciatica has started up again.

I know the key thing with a lot of this is to keep moving. But by the time I finish my morning PT (physical torture I mean therapy) exercises I am exhausted and weak in the knees. Which is where we started today.

Expanded disability status scale: http://www.mult-sclerosis.org/expandeddisabilitystatusscale.html

I think I get a 4.0. Would be great if that were a GPA, instead of "Fully ambulatory without aid, self-sufficient, up and about some 12 hours a day despite relatively severe disability; able to walk without aid or rest some 500 meters." How long is 500 meters? 546.806649 yards. I'm not sure if I can walk that...

* pyramidal
* cerebellar
* brainstem
* sensory
* bowel and bladder
* visual
* cerebral
* other

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