Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pity party part oneteenth

OK, I decided to start this blog because I do have this disease, multiple sclerosis. I have other blogs, but stuff about the disease had a way of coloring what I was doing over there, and I didn't want that. Plus I do need to keep track of stuff, like what medications, which doctors, when symptoms. It is distressingly complex. One of the many things about it that are bummers.

Here's a brief history since February,which I am noting here because I am already forgetting/confusing stuff. On 2/2, I discovered a wound on my foot that appeared infected. I daubed triple antibiotic ointment on it and expected it to go away. Shortly thereafter, I developed a bad cold. The cold set off asthma.

I should mention that I have a rich and varied medical history--the kind residents ooh and ah over. You do not want that! Some day I will post on the evils of baby doctors.

OK, the foot does not heal or clear up. I go to the doctor. (Another long post will be about the want-not want to go to a doctor dance.) The doctor looks quite hard at the foot. It does not help that I do not know what caused the original injury. The doctor hears me cough and says, "What's that?" More poking and listening. I have a sinus infection. The doctor prescribes oral antibiotics, and two inhalers for the asthma. The foot doesn not heal up. I must see an orthopedic specialist. She also wants me to see a pulmonologist.

Xray. MRI. Orthopod sends me to see a wound specialist. Wound specialist says surgery.

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