Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wretched wigginess

Well, this isn't going well! I haven't even managed to get down the part from April where I had the adverse reaction to the asthma medication, which led to sleep deprivation, which led to a psychotic episode. It really did have Keystone Kops/Marx Brothers qualities. I should try to get it down. The worst of it has been that now I have been crazy, my judgment is ever suspect. I feel like I don't even know that person--I can only remember a little of it. I never realized how damning it could be. I want to shout from the rooftop that I have MS, not insanity. But a lot of MS does make me crazy.

I sometimes refer to it as the Gaslight disease, after the Ingrid Bergman movie. You see, often my knees feel like the are going to buckle. They even do buckle sometimes. But more often, I feel weak in the knees. There is nothing mechanically wrong with my knees. It's just MS. I am very light sensitive. I can barely stand lamps at all. Headlights are ever an issue--I get a headache every time I drive at night. There is nothing wrong with my eyes--no physical reason for the light sensitivity. Just MS. Tere are phantom itches--like shingles or poison ivy--worse with fatigue. The skin is smooth, white, unbroken, without hives.

Crazy twitches in my feet and toes. My right "index" toe curls and uncurls independent of my other toes, whenever it wants. It's wiggy. I can't even do that--I move my toes and they all move. Grr.

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