Thursday, August 16, 2007

the new primary

Notes for Millen, 8/16/07
Here's my pre-visit notes, below. I scrawled on the bottom "arthritis, asthma, counseling." Im trying to think about the visit without having emotion color it to much. The doctor definitely has clinical detachment going for her. She had gone over my chart, and seemed to feel there was no worries.

When I explained that I am very nervous about medication changes due to the thing this spring with the sleep deprivation and psychotic episode, she was kind of dismissive. I should be careful, but it was unlikely. My health history is literally littered with unlikely events.

She tried to recommend an antidepressant for hot flashes. I told her I have been prescribed antidepressants 4 or 5 times in the last 10 years, for sleep and mood problems. They never helped at all. Oh well. I need some time to process.
Stomach problems--diarrhea frequent 5/5-8/1. Repeated viruses? Really bad in June--daily, Immodium. Seems to be resolving finally. Still some loose stools, but less frequent.

Pain in lower left quadrant since December 2006. Tender when doing PT. Recently some pain in lower right quadrant--fleeting.

In June, Poast said stomach problems could be MS, and to return in 2 weeks for follow up. First avail appointment with Millen was 2 months. Thought I should establish relationship with you. Toughed it out. Is it realistic to see you primarily, or should I go with one of the others? If so, recommendations?

Corey-Bloom not interested in discussing symptoms. In July, said to get a GI consult. First eliminate other problems.

Need new levothyroxine Rx.

Sciatica has come back. Pain and pins and needles, cramping. On hiatus from PT since bruising ribs in late May. Doing exercises/stretching at home daily. Real problems with fatigue. Knees weak first thing in the morning. Don't think I have the energy to do PT while working full time. Even using FML, it's exhausting.

Right foot--lots of spasms. Index toe curling independently. Some soreness still in the wound area, but not acute.

Lots of hot flashes some nights, particularly around menstruating, but other times as well. Hot flashes set off muscle spasms and neuropathy at times--very little sleep those nights. Already doubled up to 600 mg gabapentin at bedtime.

Email notes in advance? Sawires preferred.

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