Monday, August 27, 2007

Upside and down

Tat's Spot, our new dog. We adopted him yesterday. He is just about perfect--everything I wanted and cute as a button to boot.

However (you just knew there was one coming), the process of viewing dogs at three different shelters was exhausting. Saturday was just killer. It never occurred to me there would be that much walking involved. By the end of the day, I was too tired to make a decision about Spot, or look at another single dog. Yesterday, was very excited about picking up Spot and bringing him home. So the fatigue didn't hit until today. Even so, I was very excited about coming home to Spot. But coming home was about all I was good for. Making supper took superhuman strength.

I've actually been doing better. I was starting to think I'd crossed some magical threshold. Now, I can barely function. I'm hoping an early night will mend the ragged sleeve. Oh well. Try again tomorrow.

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katherine said...

So glad you have a new dog. He looks happy and smart. After a year our new one finally feels part of our family.